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Hi my name is Priyantha Bandara. I'm a Landscape, Travel and Architectural Photographer from Sri Lanka. Also I vlog and coach on subject of Landscape photography and conduct Photography tours locally and internationally.


My work has been commended for style and attention to detail and for being a unique combination of commercial and artistic photography.


With over 10 years of experience in the field, I have worked with many local and international clients and my work has been exhibited and awarded in circuits, competitions, and publications across the world. In 2016 New York-based online lifestyle magazine Top Teny has included me in their 10 best travel photographers in the world list. And ROL a Luxury Cruize Agency in the UK I was Listed  as one of the best travel photographers of 2017.

While I'm being humble of my achievements, I work hard everyday to improve my self and share knowledge and experience on photography.

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