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A Photo Tour is the best way to improve your photography skills, whilst becoming a world traveler! We travel in small groups of like-minded photographers and travelers. We take as much time as necessary in order to allow you to take the best possible photos. 


And while taking photographs, you get to experience the places, sounds, smells and flavors of the region with the comfort of having a guide accompany you and your travel, accommodation, and food is taken care of.  

Available tours

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On hold 

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2022 January onwards

More tours coming up. Stay tuned!

Read this to get some answers

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Your mentors

These tours are organized as a collaboration of two renowned photographers, Priyantha Bandara and Bhagi Siva. Priyantha who is based in Colombo, Sri Lanka is a well-known Travel and Landscape photographer. Bhagi is based in Sydney, Australia and commended and well distinguished by his Travel and Documentary photography. This tour is carefully crafted to cater to the photographer and traveler inside you with the expert knowledge we share. And the tour will be delivered in Sinhala, English or Tamil as required by the participents.

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