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As the name suggests, Photo Tour is a tour that is executed or taken with the aim of taking photographs. However, this does not mean that the only thing you will do in a Photo Tour is taking photos. There are many more things goes along with it. 


A Photo Tour is the best way to improve your photography skills, whilst becoming a world traveler by visiting the world’s most wonderful places! We travel in small groups (12 people maximum, though often smaller) of like-minded photographers and travelers. This allows ample personal attention and makes it easier to go wherever we want to go. We take as much time as necessary in order to allow you to take the best possible photos. And the group mentors will help you find your camera’s optimal settings, just in time to snap that beautiful sunrise or the moment in all its glory.


And while taking photographs, you get to travel to scenic and iconic locations and less-visited remote locations alike. You get to experience the places, sounds, smells and flavors of the region with the comfort of having a guide accompany you and your travel, accommodation, and food taken care of.  


How does a Photo Tour differ from a Photo Workshop


A photo workshop is designed to teach you new techniques in the field or studio, or teach you post-production and business skills. Workshop most of the time has step-by-step instructions given by a teacher and it’s concentrated on learning. A photo tour is designed to take you to a great location at the best time of the year and get you to the right places for the best light or the moment. Instead of a teacher, there will be a mentor who will guide you to locations and give you tips and tricks on how to take the photographs including camera setting, equipment to use, composition, etc. And you will notice that the mentor also will actively participate in taking photographs. Sometimes, there are photo workshops are combined with photo tours to give an extra flavor and experience to the participants. 


How do you like to travel?


Most of us love to travel to exotic and exciting places but hate having to share the destination with hundreds of noisy tourists. And as photographers, we like to savor every second as we take the time to look for the right angle for a photograph, without needing to hurry because our fellow travelers want to move on. And it would be a great advantage if we have a professional and experienced photographer to help us optimize our camera, to take that award-winning photo moment. 


This is exactly what a good Photo Tours offers you. A normal tour or a travel agency cannot give you this luxury.  It doesn’t mean that we will be avoiding the rush at all times. But we will do our best to reach any location at best times when it’s most photographically possible. 

Want to join some exciting photo tours? 

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